Punjab Social Protection Authority Human Facilities Project
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Punjab Social Protection Authority Human Facilities Project 2023


Punjab Social Protection Authority is a program in which financial assistance is given to poor people. It was started by the government of Pakistan because the poverty in the country of Pakistan had increased to many extents.

For this reason, the program of Punjab Social Protection Authority was started and at this time the government is trying hard for the development of this program. Punjab Social Protection Authority has taken many steps in its six-year journey.

He has promoted its development in many districts and provinces. Apart from this, this program also plays an important role in food claims, health, and social security. 

Currently, more than 730,085 people have been awarded cash by PSPA. Apart from this, these jewels of education are being awarded to 67,059 disabled people in the UCT and Berlin programs.

At present, the PSPA program is being rapidly moderated so that poor people can be helped as much as possible and their equality can be improved in life. Apart from this, transgender women have also been included in this program so that they can also be provided with employment.

Lactating Woman Self-Reliance Programme, Wasila Harakat Program This program is also included for the transfer of productive feelings,

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In 2013, the World Bank initiated measures to provide support to various departments and also reviewed their expenses. Apart from this, according to the report of Punjab Social Sector Public Expenditure Review, its annual expenditure was revealed in 2013.

Apart from this, this program has been made stronger and stronger and is making the poor people stronger to many extents. And this is one of the most important programs of the Punjab Social Authority, apart from this PSPO was passed by the Provincial Assembly on 14 April 2015.

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Apart from this, Punjab Social Service Boards added this legislation to the PSPA program so that the improvement would be more. 

The government started the PSPA program to provide financial support to the weaker sections of the country. Apart from this, comprehensive and effective social security should be provided to them.

The chairman of the PSPA program, the Chief Minister of Punjab, has also been an important member of the representatives of the society as well as government ministers and bureaucrats. For this reason, it is a good program to provide financial assistance to poor people to design them correctly and to give them correct information. Punjab Social Protection Authority is much better so far. 

Till this time this program has spread in many mornings, This program is providing assistance in many places in the country of Pakistan and it has been given maximum priority by Punjab.

Provides financial assistance in many sectors Punjab Social Protection Definition We can also define as all public and private initiatives and means of providing financial assistance to the poor people or transfer to the farm.

Apart from this, it removes the economic risks, and it is providing financial assistance to many poor people. It is for this reason that millions of poor people in Pakistan are getting help from it.


  • The Punjab Social Protection Authority is performing the following functions which were envisaged in 2015.
  • Social policies and efforts by the federal government and the international government were coordinated with all stakeholder consultations.
  • All initiatives of the poor people were secured and strengthened through the framework of the federal government.
  • Policies were also established to give equal rights to the poor and the rich.
  • A fair distribution was given to the carefully identified problems.
  • Apart from this, the social sector was developed.
  • Apart from this, the authority’s budget was also increased.
  • Regional initiatives were promoted to provide legal and social security.
  • Start the religion Hussain ji, in addition to recommending the justice of its organization and other social security programs, follow the words of the authority’s program.

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