Humqadam Program Online Registration 2023
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Unconditional transfer programs usually have an immediate impact on beneficiaries to meet their financial needs. But they immediately free the poor people from this poverty. Cash transfers are generally dependent on population and shortfalls in annual budgets. Chronic poverty, disease, and temporary adequate food supply are always kept adequate. 

Spend your earned money where you want to spend it. Allowing them to spend. Laborers and PWDs are often dependent on other people to meet their needs. Due to financial assistance to people in Punjab, this help is very less available, it is limited to a so-called budget.

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Humqadam Program Registration

The Humqadam program is a maintenance program of PWDS. In this program, the poor people are financially supported with an amount of 2000 per month. This brings economic improvement in the country, so you should if you want to get your registration in this program. So do it as soon as possible. 

The Humqadam program is aimed at eradicating poverty in Punjab and improving social welfare. Social assistance is an important step for social progress and this program is helping special people from the very beginning to at least financially support them and improve their quality of life. All the eligible districts and cities in Punjab are entitled to this program.

Humqadam Objectives:

  • Financial assistance should be given to poor people in Punjab.
  • Their quality of life should be improved.
  • People with disabilities and elderly people’s dependence on the social internet should be reduced.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Poverty score i.e. PMT should be 30 or less as registered in Socio-Economic Registry NSER and established with BISP.
  • Eligible people must have a registered ID card of NADRA.


Who is Eligible for the Humqadam Program?

Any person in Pakistan who has a poverty score of 10 is eligible to register in this program. This program is designed for people of all ages such as laborers and women who are completely and especially extremely poor.

What is the Humqadam Program?

In the Hum Kadam program, 2000 are being given monthly to provide financial assistance to the poor people in the country of Pakistan whose income is very low so that their lives can improve a little.

How can I apply for the Humqadam Program?

If you want to register online in the Hum Kadam program, then you have to go to its official website to register online. There you have to enter your poverty bio-data and your CNIC number and labor guard and details etc. After that you will be registered in this program.

How to Register for Humqadam Program?

  • If you want to register online, you have to click this button first.
  • You will see a form.
  • In this form, you have to enter your photo National Identity Card number code.
  • Then you will be given all the information about the eligibility.
  • If you get registered, you will be given an amount of 2000 per month.

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