8284 Ehsaas Program New Code for Registration 2023
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8284 Ehsaas Program New Code for Registration 2023

8284 Ehsaas Program New Code: Some YouTubers and some bloggers have spread the rumor that the code of Ehsaas program has been changed but this is your misunderstanding. Because its code has not changed, its code is the same as 8171.

If you want to check any eligibility of BISP then you can check only on 8171 and this other code 8284 this code is not valid.

So you cannot check your eligibility on this code. So you have to stay away from this misunderstanding, don’t listen to any false news from anyone, and stick to your words. And keep in your mind that no code has been changed, all these are false news on the channel.

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Ehsaas Program Online Registration

If you want to register online for the Ehsaas program, the procedure is also given online. To register online, you have to send a message to 8171. Apart from this, some false news has been spread in which it is said that the code of 8171 has been changed. It has been replaced by 8284. It should be in your mind that this code is completely wrong. 

If you want to get your registration done on this code, you can’t get it done at all. You should know that this code is completely wrong and you have to use the code 8171 for registration. Therefore, you should avoid such false news so that you can stay away from this misunderstanding.

Ehsaas Program Portal

Ehsaas program is a program created by the government of Pakistan. If you want to get money in this program, visit the Ehsaas program portal. If you cannot go to the portal due to rush, you can also withdraw money from your HBL Bank.

If you do not know whether your amount has been received or not, you will receive a message from 8171. Apart from this, some false news has been spread that the code of 8171 has been changed to 8284, so this news is completely wrong. Whatever you have to check, you have to check this program on 8171.

Official News by Ehsaas

Those users who are listening to different news about Ehsaas should protect themselves from jelly news. If you want to get complete details about Ehsaas then visit our official website. You will be given 100% correct details. On our website, you will be given complete details about both the welfare schemes. So if you get any fake news then avoid it.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to register for this program, you have to follow the steps below and also follow the conditions given by the government, those conditions are listed below. which are also mentioned below,

  • The mobile phone has to be opened.
  • Go to the message inbox and enter the message on 8171.
  • The 8284 code is completely wrong.
  • 8171 is to enter an ID card number, CNIC number, phone number, and residential address.
  • The conditions of the house are to be told.
  • All members of the house have to tell.

Ehsaas Program Payment Check by CNIC

If you want to check your payment on Ehsaas program, you can also do it online. If you want to check your balance and you don’t know how to check online, enter a message to 8171, then you will receive a message that will tell you whether your balance is correct.

Apart from this, some false news is also spread that 8284 is the new code of Ehsaas program. But this is a false rumor, The code of Ehsaas program is 8171, and no change has been made to it, Whenever you want to check your payment, you have to check through 8171 only.

Ehsaas Rashan Program CNIC Check Online New Update 2023

According to the Ration Program policy, all employees in the Punjab Government within the BPS-01 to BPS-05 range, along with their families and members, are eligible to benefit from the Ration Program.

Dr. Sania Nishtar, the head of the Punjab Ration Program, has elucidated the complete procedure to enable individuals unfamiliar with how to access Rashan to do so independently today.

Furthermore, for grocery shop owners looking to register their shops in the Ehsaas Ration program, it’s worth noting that they can easily complete the process on the official Ehsaas Ration website themselves.

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